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A famous BloggerCon tradition are the Food For Thought dinners, which are held at local restaurants on the first night of the conference (if there's more than one).


Sylvia Paull made the reservations. She writes: "I booked two restaurants for 6:30PM Friday, and pre-ordered the food, which will cost $20 including tax and tip at each restaurant. People can buy drinks on their own. People can sit around individual tables or group tables, whatever they like. One person should be designated to collect the cash at each venue before the meal is served, and then people will pay for drinks when they order them. I will be glad collect cash at Canton, which has more people. If we need another place, I'll get one on Friday (I have some reserves), but I think 120 dinner places should do it. Canton can actually hold 20 more people if we need it."

Restaurant #1 -- Canton Seafood Restaurant


655 Folsom at Hawthorne, 70 people. Spicy Cantonese.


  1. Sylvia Paull -- Cash collector
  2. Marc Canter
  3. Chris Heuer
  4. Sean W. Bohan
  5. Chris
  6. Ponzi
  7. Don Hopkins
  8. Evan Paull
  9. Shannon Clark
  10. Doc Searls
  11. Dan Farber
  12. Terry Heaton
  13. Tom Maddox
  14. Richard Macmanus
  15. Dmitriy Kruglyak
  16. Gabe Rivera
  17. Jay Rosen

Restaurant #2 -- Chai Am


701 Folsom at Fourth St, 50 people. Thai food.


  1. Marc Barrot -- Cash collector
  2. Dave Winer
  3. Nick Bradbury
  4. Scott Johnson -- may be late (sorry; schedule conflict)
  5. Phil Wolff
  6. Frank Paynter
  7. Enoch Choi
  8. Niall Kennedy
  9. Roland Tanglao
  10. Rex Hammock
  11. Greg Narain
  12. Ryan Montoya
  13. Kristie Wells
  14. Steven Frein
  15. Mary Hodder
  16. John Stanforth
  17. Yu Shan Chuang
  18. George Mac Donald
  19. Lance Knobel
  20. Robert Cox
  21. Dr. Maria Cox
  22. Matthew Carrico
  23. Kelsey Heikoop
  24. Buzz Bruggeman
  25. Mark Fletcher
  26. Richard Giles
  27. Clay Cook
  28. Dave Hodson
  29. John Anderson
  30. Eileen Zar
  31. Shawn Bolan
  32. Mark Glaser
  33. Ramin Firoozye
  34. Lisa Williams
  35. Susan Mernit
  36. Scott Beale
  37. Mary Tsao
  38. Esme Vos
  39. Carol Singh
  40. Kaliya


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